Optimum: A Mathematics Education Tool

See the GitHub repository for this project here.

A short YouTube video I made to advertise the software:

During my time in formal education, I have helped a lot of people with math. During this time, I’ve noticed a few things. Most importantly, I noticed that the most discouraging thing for a student to feel is that they can’t solve a problem and they don’t have any idea of what they are missing.

To remedy this issue, the only option is to go over all the requisite skills and concepts until you find the roadblock. One could do this on their own by reading several years worth of textbooks, but that often is not realistic for students who are just trying to learn one concept.

This is what led me to develop Optimum, with the help of the Academic Support office at Trinity College School. From fractions to exponents to algebra, the program walks students through all the pre-requisite skills for success in Canadian high school mathematics. To create the plan and iteratively improve the software, I worked closely with Mike Harding, who provided invaluable feedback and advice throughout the process. I am happy to say that, in exchange for a charitable donation to the Camp Hurontario Birnie Hodgetts Memorial Children’s Fund, I have given the rights to the program to Trinity College School.